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Bye Bye Pesky Weeds

Bye Bye Pesky Weeds

I love gardening, whether it’s tending to my perennials, planting brightly colored annuals, or managing my herbs and veggies in my raised bed gardens. But what I don’t love are the annoying weeds that seem to grow regardless of the weather.

A deluge of rain? Weeds. Several weeks of drought? Weeds. Drastic highs and lows in temperature? You guessed it, more weeds. Well, I’ve come to accept the fact that I’m likely never going to eradicate all the weeds in my gardens, but I’ve learned a few tricks that at least help keep the pesky plants at bay.

Short of using chemical weed killers, how do you create weed control in your flower and vegetable gardens? Here are some tips from the pros:

1. Minimize Soil Disturbance Instead of raking and digging up weeds, recommends taking a knife to cut through dandelion and other weed roots. The less the soil is disturbed, the less likely weed seeds are to germinate.

2. Mulch Mulching around plants keeps the plants you want to grow moist, while not allowing much needed oxygen and sun to reach the weeds. If you are working on an area that you want to have a pleasing appearance, purchase bark mulch from a local garden center. If it’s a garden bed for your eyes only, hay, straw or even dead leaves serve as a perfect mulch.
3. Natural Weed Killers recommends corn gluten meal or vinegar to stop weed growth. The corn gluten meal is spread on the soil where the weeds germinate. Vinegar is spread on the leaves to prevent growth and spread.
4. Old Fashioned Plucking While it’s not always a fun chore, one of the best ways to get rid of weeds is to pull from the root. Come prepared with gloves, hat, sunscreen and a kneeling pad or small stool to sit on. Early morning or evening are the best times to yank the nasty weeds from the earth.


With some love and attention, you can have weed-free gardens all summer long!

Shelley Nicholson

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