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Direct Composting

Direct Composting

Sometimes I come across a brilliant idea that is so easy, I’m almost embarrassed that I haven’t thought of it before. Such is the case with Direct Composting.

What does Direct Composting mean, you ask? In its simplest form, it means taking your compost materials and depositing them directly into your garden. While it isn’t quite that basic, it is a way to skip a few of the steps needed in traditional composting.



People compost for several reasons. For me, it’s mainly about reducing the amount of trash I take to the transfer station and providing nutrients for my raised bed gardens. However, you should still research the best way to manage this. For example, don’t treat your garden as an alternative for your trash. While things like leaves and vegetable scraps are perfect for composting, other things like meat and fish, butter and oils should not be in the mix.



You don’t want to compost into your garden during the summer months when your flowers are in bloom or your vegetables are growing. Once you are finished with the garden for the season, this is the time to begin. Also, you can’t just throw your compost into a heap on top of the dirt. It’s best to mix the items into the soil as it helps break down the vegetables etc.



For more on Direct Composting, click HERE for a great article from The Kitchen Garten.

Shelley Nicholson

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