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Finding New Purpose From Old Furniture

Finding New Purpose From Old Furniture

We’ve all seen the old wicker chair turned front porch planter, or the claw-foot bathtub overflowing with petunias in a farmhouse front yard. But with some ingenuity and “think outside the box” mentality, much of your old furniture can be used to create charming “new” pieces for your home and back yard.

Old piano or organ that’s out of tune? Turn it into a wine rack/bar for your living room. 1970’s stereo? It can become your kids’ play kitchen. Don’t use your sewing machine table anymore? A few alterations and some paint and it's transformed into a colorful appetizer and drink station for your next party. Find these ideas and more at House Beautiful.


An old poultry crate or wooden soda crates are just a couple of ways to create nostalgic coffee tables from DIY Network.  



Martha Stewart can show you how to turn an old door into a headboard for your bed or make a mirror from an old tray or platter.



It’s absolutely fascinating what transpires from seemingly useless pieces. Don’t have any worn-out furniture at home? Head to an auction or antique store and see what kind of treasures you can find!

Shelley Nicholson

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