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Fun with Winter Decor

Fun with Winter Decor

Happy Tuesday and Happy Holidays! While we still have one of the most special holidays of the year to celebrate later this week, it won’t be long before the tree will come down, and the Christmas decorations will be put away for another year. But we still have a long winter ahead of us and a new year to look forward to, which means we can have some fun with winter decor. 

There are interior decorators and home decor professionals out there who are more qualified than me to make suggestions when it comes to your winter decorating, but in researching I was thrilled to find out that many of these same professionals all seem to agree on two of my top post-Christmas decorating “rules”. 

  1. Get rid of the RED:  While red is bright and bold and vibrant, all things we need in the dreary throes of winter, it is also one of the colors most associated with Christmas. When transitioning from Christmas decor to winter decor, we are attempting to start fresh with a new look, so put the red away for now. 
  2. Keep the GREEN: We are talking of course about greens such as pine boughs, wreaths, garlands etc. Whether you find some good quality faux greens or have access to fresh ones, there are so many ways to use them inside your home as well as on porches and decks for a lovely winter look.



In addition to these there are some simple, but elegant options for that perfect winter look.  

  1. Lights: Tiny white lights can create a cozy mood at any time of year. Intertwine them with your garlands or string through a bannister. There are some great solar options for your outside decorating as well. 
  2. Snowflakes: The quintessential emblem of winter, adding some well-placed snowflake decor to your home will get you in the spirit of the season.
  3. Pine cones: Whether you have the ability to trek through the woods to find these, or buy some from a home decor store, pine cones can add a rustic, woodsy touch to our winter scenes. They also come in all sorts of fun sizes and shapes. 



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