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Garden Markers

Garden Markers

When I was young, my family would plant a small vegetable garden and if we were feeling organized, we put a wooden stake at the end of each row and stuck the empty packet of seeds on top of the stake as a marker for what was planted there. (If we weren’t so organized you just waited until something came up and hoped you remembered what it was!) Of course some of the packets blew away, or they got rained on or faded from the sun. Little did I know (pre-Google, or Pinterest) that there were so many fun, unique ways to not only remind yourself what is planted where, but to add color and decor to your garden.

As you well know, typing in a few key words these days will find you just about ANYTHING! I stumbled across one of these when doing some gardening research, which led me to search for more. I think they are such great ideas that I just had to share!

Croquet Mallet Garden Markers  (from Country Living)


Brick Herb Markers  (from Simple Details)


Canning Jar Lid Markers  (from Untrained Housewife)


Painted Rock Markers  (from DIYN Crafts)


Wine Cork Garden Markers  (from Shine Your Light) 


Wooden Spoon Herb Markers  (from Craftivity Designs)

Shelley Nicholson

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