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Happy May Day!

Happy May Day!

May baskets are a somewhat forgotten tradition that I think we should try not to forget. May baskets hold tiny bouquets of flowers and are typically left on the door step or door knob of someone on May 1st, as a sign of spring and friendship. In a world where the evening news seems to bring so much gloom and doom, I think these sunshiny little baskets of love help promote hope and joy!

A May basket can potentially be cost free. Head up to your attic or down to your basement. Do you have any old baskets, vases, wooden boxes or other containers you can repurpose? Chances are you do. Then take a walk…either around your yard or in your neighborhood. While I don’t recommend pulling your neighbors’ flowers, you may be able to cut some in your own yard or find some spring wildflowers on your walk. Don’t be afraid to cut some stems from flowering trees and shrubs such as dogwood, forsythia, azaleas and more!

Of course you can get a little more elaborate by purchasing baskets and flowers at a farmer’s market or florist shop. For some ideas and motivation on how to get started, check out these sites!

Fun & Easy May Day Baskets to Celebrate May Day  (from Skip to my Lou)


May Day Flower Baskets  (from Better Homes & Gardens)


Make a May Basket  (from Yankee Magazine)


Do you Remember May Basket Day?  (from Country Living)


Break out your creative side and bring someone a burst of spring. Happy May Day!

Shelley Nicholson

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