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Learn How To DIY

Learn How To DIY

You may think you fall into one of two categories; a creative, intuitive, fixer-upper…or not. Perhaps you are the person that doesn’t bat an eye when your bathroom sink is leaking, or welcomes the challenge of a never-done-before new home decor project. Or maybe you’re the person that panics about those home repairs or envies the friend who always seems to be making new door wreaths for every season.

Well, with a little confidence, determination and a lot of help from Google and YouTube, anyone who sets their mind to it can DIY! (Do It Yourself) That’s not to say that you need to attempt every project that comes your way.

My approach is to assess the project and take stock of my skill level. What is involved? Is there measuring and cutting to be done? Do I need certain tools? Are there design elements at play? Have I attempted this before? Do I know someone that can help if needed? After looking over a project, if I know that it’s going to require skills that I’m just not good at (say, sewing?) I most likely won’t continue. But if it looks like something I can do, I take on the challenge. It’s such a gratifying feeling once the process is complete.

To help with your DIY attempts, I’ve compiled some links to get you started:


100 Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself   (from family handyman)


25 DIY Home Fixes That Everyone Should Know (from Real Homes)

11 Easy DIY Fixes for Annoying House Problems (from Bob Vila)



30 DIY Home Decor Ideas  (from Good Housekeeping)


DIY Decor Ideas  (from Better Homes & Gardens)



Easy DIY Crafts Anyone Can Do (from HGTV)

100+ DIY Crafts and Projects (from Country Living)


For more, you can head to the Golden Hill Studio Pinterest page too! Happy DIY’ing!



Shelley Nicholson

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