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Make Your Own Wreath

Make Your Own Wreath

Several years ago, my friends and family and I started a new tradition after the Thanksgiving holiday. We had been talking about how expensive it can be to buy holiday wreaths for your outside doors and windows, especially if you hang more than one. The conversation eventually made it around to “Why don’t we make them ourselves?” And after a few glasses of wine, this seemed like a perfectly good idea!

The next day some of us trekked into the woods to collect pine boughs while others went to Michael’s to gather supplies. We had no directions, and none of us had ever made a wreath before. Let’s just say that first year, although fun, was not necessarily productive. We each managed to create ONE wreath, although some were not exactly round, while others were more pine cone, than greens.

But every experience is a learning experience and the following year we did some research before the big craft day. It has now become kind of a contest to see who can find the best new wreath idea. While I tend myself to stay on the side of traditional, some of the wreaths are incredibly unique, one-of-a-kind creations.



Want to try making your own wreathes this holiday season? Check out some of these DIY sites and tutorials and enjoy your own Wreath Making Day!

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Shelley Nicholson

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