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Our Fine Feathered Friends

Our Fine Feathered Friends

Every once in a while, I like to check in to see what things are being celebrated or brought awareness to each month. While they range from serious to silly, in all honesty, it usually sparks an idea for this blog. For example, there are several observances in February that intrigued me; Great American Pie Month, National Library Lover’s Month and National Snack Food Month. But as an animal lover I honed in on National Bird Feeding Month.

In many of the northern regions of our country, it’s much more difficult for non-migratory birds to find the food they need in the colder months. So many of us feed the birds in an effort to help with their life-cycle, as well as our desire to see them up close. There is something magical about looking out the window and seeing tiny chickadees, the tufted titmouse or a pair of cardinals, the female a yellowish brown and the male a vibrant red, who often mate for life. 

If you don’t feed the birds, but you would like to, check out these tips for attracting different species of birds to your yard. 

Feeding Birds: A Quick Guide to Seed Types  (from All About Birds)



How to Choose the Best Birdseed  (from The Spruce) 



Bird Seed 101: The 10 Best Types for Wild Birds  (from Bird Watching HQ)


Feeding the birds feels good, but I think you'll also possibly learn a lot about their behaviors and habits just by watching them. Enjoy one of nature's miracles this winter, but remember to put the feeders away in the spring, so you don't invite awakening, but unwanted visitors (Black Bears LOVE bird seed!). I learned this the hard way at the end of March, when a bear completely destroyed my feeder. 
Shelley Nicholson

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