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Rooted in Flavor

Rooted in Flavor

Root vegetables can be somewhat overlooked during the summer as we revel in the freshness of home or farm grown lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini. But root vegetables pack a punch when it comes to flavor and nutrition. What’s a root vegetable you ask? Pretty much any veggie that grows underground. Potatoes, carrots, beets, radishes, parsnips, turnips, sweet potato, onion and garlic are some of the most common root vegetables.

Because they grow underground, they absorb nutrients from the soil that other veggies don’t have the benefit of. Most are filled with antioxidants, iron and Vitamins A, B and C. And many of these tasty vegetables are being harvested right now, so head to your local farmer’s market or grocery store, pick out some of your favorites and try one or more of these delicious recipes I found!

Easy Classic Roasted Root Vegetables (from thekitchn)


Spiced Sweet Potato Sandwich with Feta (from Bon Apetit)


Root Vegetable Stew (from RipeLife)


Shaved Carrot Tart with Ricotta (from Saveur)


Salmon and Root Vegetable Sheet Pan Dinner (from The Roasted Root)


Pot Roast with Root Vegetables (from myrecipes)


There are so many delicious options out there. Now that the days are cooler, fire up that oven and enjoy your roots!



Shelley Nicholson

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