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Satisfy Your Summer Sweet Tooth

Satisfy Your Summer Sweet Tooth

Most of us have a sweet tooth (or two!) And those morning snack attacks and late night chocolate cravings don’t take a summer vacation. But often, because the weather is warmer or we are on a more relaxed schedule, our taste buds long for something a little different in the summer months.

In addition, we might not want to heat up our homes by baking in the oven, so we look for alternatives that are a little less labor intensive than your standard chocolate chip cookie.

Side note: If you can anticipate your yearning for something yummy ahead of time, bake up some cookies or brownies in the cooler months, wrap well and keep in the freezer to take out when you just have to have one! They thaw quickly, so no need to wait too long to satisfy your desire.

But if you just have a hankering that won’t go away, we’ve discovered some delightful summer recipes that are sure to satiate even the sweetest of teeth!

Strawberry Pretzel Pie  (from Taste of Home)



Five Layer Ice Cream Bars  (from Allrecipes)



Cookie Cheesecake Bites  (from Good Housekeeping)



No Bake Espresso Creme Brûlée  (from Martha Stewart)



Mixed Berry Tart  (from Food Network)



Lemon Icebox Pie  (from Betty Crocker)


Shelley Nicholson

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