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Scenic Drives

Scenic Drives

We are beginning to see a decline of COVID-19 cases in many states. While this is fantastic news, we are still proceeding with caution when it comes to our activities and everyday life. As we strategize our new normal, it is likely that our entertainment options will still be somewhat limited this summer and fall.

One thing that is relatively safe and relatively inexpensive (thank you lower gas prices!) is hopping in the car for a scenic drive. While we aren’t necessarily talking full-on, cross-country road trip, we are potentially looking at weekend adventures and long, lazy day trips.

Do your research ahead of time, as some states still require a 14-day quarantine in their state if you are not just passing through. But some camping establishments, outdoor dining options, and roadside markets make for great destinations during these uncertain times.

Need some help to navigate your neck of the woods? Check out these guides, The Best Scenic Drive in Every State, from Thrillist. And, 65 Scenic Drives in America You Don’t Want to Miss, from Country Living.

So check your oil and your tire pressure and head on down the road!

Shelley Nicholson

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