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Winter Whites

Winter Whites

It’s always rather interesting, and sometimes downright comical, to see what appears when I type a rather vague topic into a Google search.

I was thinking about the old adage “Don’t wear white after Labor Day,” which is so passé if you’re in the know with fashion trends (I’m generally not). But I wondered, what constitutes “Winter White” in say, maybe a wool coat?

Needless to say, I typed in the words “Winter Whites” and was bombarded with not only clothing, but décor and cocktail images/ideas too. The latter two hold far more interest for me; one thing led to another and Winter Whites was born.

To brighten up your home with some Winter Whites, here are some great ideas:

(from designer Mari Eriksson; )

(from Remodelaholic; )

(from Chateau Chic; )

And lastly, my favorite, Winter White Cocktails!

(Winter White Cosmopolitan; from Creative Culinary )

(Winter Wonderland from Refinery Rooftop/Tipsy Diaries; )

(Snowflake Martini; from Lulus; )


Shelley Nicholson

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