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A Passion for Pillows

A Passion for Pillows

It’s well documented that I love our glassware designs and the artistic process that goes into creating new ones. What I may not emphasize as much is that I also have a PASSION for our pillows! I’m so very excited to share with you our newest pillow products to be added to our ever-growing collection.

Floral Collage Pillow

Pheasant Pillow

While I am waiting on the final touches to two of our new pillows, you can see the designs below. These are being manufactured as we speak and will be available to the public soon!


Home Décor can be a very intricate, and somewhat lengthy process. And if you enjoy it, then it doesn’t seem like work. But for some, we like the fresh look of changing up our home décor, but not the time it takes to go from season to season. Guess what? Golden Hill Studio has just made this a little bit easier!

We are unveiling our new 6-in-1 Holiday Pillow Collection. While they are available to be purchased separately, you may also buy them as a 6-pack of covers with 1 insert. If you purchase all 6 at once, you get 1 cover free. Think of it; go from Valentine’s Day to Easter, or Thanksgiving to Christmas with just the swap of a pillow cover!

Valentine Heart Pillow

Easter Bunny Floral Pillow

Patriotic Star Burst Pillow

Halloween Cat Pillow

Thanksgiving Wreath Pillow

Christmas Bell Pillow

I hope you enjoy these new patterns in your home, as much as I enjoyed creating them! For more information on our decorative throw pillows head to our website!

Shelley Nicholson

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