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Bette is the founder of Golden Hill Studio, a distinguished table décor company that offers items crafted by master artisans from around the world.

Every collection is influenced by her extensive world travels and time spent living in Europe. Golden Hill Studio's line has now expanded and includes other lovely treasures, from around the world including textiles to Egyptian glass ornaments.

Bette, along with her design team and artists at Golden Hill are always creating new and refreshing collections. Originally Golden Hill sold exclusively to the wholesale markets, however, in recent years we have expanded into very robust online retail venues.

Golden Hill Studio is now recognized as a brand which is found in the most discerning of homes!

Golden Hill Studio’s Story

Golden Hill Studio was created in 1999 by Bette Hestle. The business started with Hand Painted Glassware which was, and continues to be, influenced by Bette’s extensive world travels. These are all designed and hand painted in Western New York. GHS has expanded to include unique and interesting gifts and décor of distinction. Most are designed on Golden Hill and Crafted by master artisans from around the world.

Golden Hill Studio has now become recognized as a brand that offers distinguished Table Décor for the most discerning homes. Bette has lived and worked on Golden Hill since 1977, in a farmhouse that dates to the 1860’s. Her studio is on 100 acres of peaceful and serene countryside. A daily inspiration to beauty and nature. All outdoor photography is done in the extensive and beautiful gardens on Golden Hill.                    

More of Our Story

 This lovely part of Western New York is very lush and green in the summer and there are many venues which have been added through the years.  And each and every one is a very special place.  We would like to share them with you.


One day Sarah decided to do a simple watercolor of Bette's favorite chair.  Now this old rocker sits on the front porch of Golden Hill.  But it traveled far to be here…..it came from Tennessee and was many years ago on the front porch of Bette’s great-grandmother’s!!  A very special prize possession.

Log Cabin Charm

So as the years rolled on so did the projects.  In 1979 the first big project was to have a pond dug at the edge of the woods and then it was stocked with bass.  It is still full of a zillion generations of bass.  Well, one cannot have a pond without a cabin.  In 1982 the logs were pulled out of the state land, which adjoins Golden Hill, by a team of horses.  Next they went to a neighbor’s saw mill and then voile…….a truly authentic log house!!

Thanks to all of our wonderful customers.....we appreciate your business and hope you have enjoyed a little part of our story!!

Bette Hestle

Golden Hill Studio

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