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Celebrating Friendship

Celebrating Friendship

Glancing at a calendar I have in my office, I noticed that August 1st (or the first Sunday in August) is officially Friendship Day. (Consequently, more research shows that International Friendship Day is celebrated on July 30th in many countries.)


It seems like there is a day for everything now….National Tequila Day, National Donut Day, National Handloom Day (not kidding!) I’m actually concerned we may run out of days on the calendar for everything that has it’s own celebratory day.

But Friendship Day seems pretty important, so I wanted to encourage everyone out there to consider the friends in your life and maybe find a way to honor that special relationship. Friendships come in all shapes and sizes. Your best friend might be your college roommate, or your mom, or a work colleague, or your cat. It doesn’t matter who (or what) your friend is, it matters that you have someone to call friend.



They may be near or far, you may see them every day, or once a year. Regardless, I think the saying is true, “Friends are the family we choose.” So a shout-out to my friends, in New York, and Tennessee, and California, and Australia and beyond, Happy Friendship Day and thank you for being a friend!


Shelley Nicholson

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