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Décor for the Season

Décor for the Season

As much as I love decorating, I must admit, I don’t always decorate for each and every holiday. Celebrations for holidays like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, even Easter, go by so quickly, that many times it’s too late by the time I find some spare time for decorating. So instead, I focus on decorating for the seasons. I find it much easier, and much more rewarding to spend time rearranging and replacing items in my home, if I know I will be able to enjoy them for several months.

That brings us to the season that is upon us. Autumn! Who doesn’t love decorating for fall? The vibrant colors of the changing landscape for inspiration, the cooler days prompting the use of blankets and throws. There is so much that can be done, from porches full of pumpkins and mums, to indoor garlands of leaves in red, orange and gold.

And this year, more than ever, I’ve noticed that autumn décor is straying from the traditional warm colors we’ve come to associate with fall, and experimenting with whites and pinks, and even blues and greens. So if you’ve ever shied away from fall decorating, because that orange seems to clash with your pastel blue walls, you now have more options than ever.

Whether you prefer DIY projects or like to purchase décor that is ready for use, head on over to my Harvest Home Pinterest Board for an abundance of ideas!

Happy Fall, and Happy Decorating!

Shelley Nicholson

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