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Fabulous Fall

Fabulous Fall

Tomorrow, September 22nd, marks the first day of Fall, 2021. As I do every year, I sit back and wonder….how did we get here? How is it fall already? The year starts to play back like an old movie reel rewinding; outdoor picnics, trail hiking, and if you’re lucky, a few walks on the beach. The first blossoms of spring, singing birds and brighter skies. Hot chocolate, snow falling and a ball dropping, signifying the new year. And yet, now, a full 3/4 of the year has passed.

While the swift passage of time could be somewhat depressing, I choose to look at the wonders of fall and embrace it! I’ll trade balmy evenings on the porch with friends and a glass of wine, for a brisk walk through crisp leaves with a cup of hot apple cider.


I’ll switch up my menus from pasta salads and grilled dinners, for tasty casseroles and warm pumpkin bread.


Instead of breezy dresses and flip flops, I’ll hunt down my leather boots and cozy scarves.



Yes, fall is the last step before winter, which I’ll admit, I have a little more difficulty embracing. But the cool days still offer an abundance of opportunity for fall fun such as apple picking, getting lost in a corn maze, carving pumpkins, scenic drives through the beautiful foliage and curling up by a cozy fire (indoors or out) when the sun goes down. Not only do I embrace fall, but I’m thankful for it!

Shelley Nicholson

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