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Flowers for your Love

Flowers for your Love

Many of us will probably be purchasing flowers this week for someone special in our lives. Whether it’s for your spouse or significant other, a parent, a child or a friend, there are some specific flowers (according to that are representative of love. 

I think the ones we are all aware of are red roses. Roses, red specifically, signify passion and devotion between lovers. You can opt for a single long stem red rose, which shows your commitment to an individual, or one or more dozen indicating the abundance of your love. Of course, if your intended isn’t a fan of red, or you are buying for someone other than your significant other, roses come in a multitude of colors such as pink, white, yellow and peach.

Want to go easy on the pocketbook? Or just not a fan of roses? Red and white carnations are a long lasting alternative for a great value. Red carnations are said to symbolize deep love while the white represent undying devotion. While you’ll be lucky if your roses haven’t wilted after three or four days, carnations can last as many as two weeks.

Valentine’s Day happens to fall around the time we are dreaming of, and longing for spring. What better flower to represent spring, than tulips? Again, red is the choice to represent true love, yellow is often associated with sunshine and cheer. Purple is for your King or Queen, representing royalty. As with roses, tulips come in a number of colors, and even in variegated form. If you aren’t into the symbolism, just find the color your special someone likes best!

Lastly, for new, or young love, the Primrose is your choice. Said to represent “the sweet innocence of young love,” primroses can often be found in potted versions, which will last indefinitely if cared for.

At the end of the day, flowers generally brighten up anyone’s life. So whatever your choice of bloom, you rarely can go wrong using any type of flowers as a gift on Valentine’s Day!

Shelley Nicholson

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