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Freshen up your Space

Freshen up your Space

Ok, so it’s only the beginning of February, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about, and longing for Spring! And while there are still likely to be numerous weeks before the crocuses pop up and the daffodils start dancing in the breeze, that doesn’t mean that INSIDE my home has to look or feel like winter. 

The Christmas decorations are put away, the sun is shining through those windows a few minutes longer each afternoon. It’s the perfect time to make some subtle changes in décor.  

Take a quick browse through any Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or dollar store and you’ll easily be able to find some silk spring flowers and greens. It’s likely you have some mason jars, or reusable glass vases, or other containers to use to create a fresh centerpiece or arrangement for your hutch, sideboard or coffee table. 



If you’re feeling crafty, hit up your local textile store for some pastels or flower printed material. Even the least experienced seamstress can make some pretty valances for kitchen and bathroom windows. Ask for guidance at the store, or check out YouTube for help, if you’ve never done this before!



And you all know I’m a huge proponent of the throw pillow! There are so many lovely designs and colors out there (or even in your attic!) Changing up pillows on chairs, sofas and beds can turn a dark, moody room into a figurative ray of sunshine!



If you think Spring should start early…at least in your home, a few minor decorating hacks will have you ready for the season in no time at all! 

Shelley Nicholson

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