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Friends Are The Family You Choose

Friends Are The Family You Choose

Last Thanksgiving, I was fortunate to spend the holiday with family in Tennessee, where I grew up. Although I’m not a fan of traveling at this time of year, it was a wonderful trip filled with reminiscing about the past, and new memories made. When we think of the holidays, and all we are thankful for, I think many of us count our family in our blessings. I most certainly do.

I’m also a strong believer that family includes not only those related by blood, but those who share your life in the strong bond of friendship. Friends are the family you choose. As we go through our lives, we connect with certain people at all stages of our lives. Our relationships are created and fostered through shared values and admiration of our similarities and differences.

I have been lucky enough to have forged life-long friendships with some truly incredible human beings. At any given time I can find a lunch buddy, a travel partner (or two!) and a group of friends to create holiday traditions with.

As mentioned, I missed our regular Thanksgiving last year, while in Tennessee. But I am so looking forward to spending the day at a table laden with delicious food and encircled by a group of hard-working, funny, caring people that have become my family.

I will reciprocate by hosting them for Christmas, but for now, I’m giving thanks for the family I have chosen.

Shelley Nicholson

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