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Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah

Sarah began working at Golden Hill Studio twelve years ago. It’s actually difficult to believe it’s been that long, but as they say, “time flies when you’re having fun!” Sarah is definitely having fun (I don’t think she would have stuck around as long if she wasn’t!) Most days that she’s in the studio, I find her at the wheel painting.

Sarah particularly enjoys the design work and, like many artists, hand-painting the glassware has become a wonderful outlet for her creativity. Her favorite design collection is the Blue Floral, which she can be seen working on in this picture below.

Sarah has become a fixture here at Golden Hill Studio and I count myself lucky to have such a talented, hard-working employee to share my passion and my work. It doesn’t hurt that she also feels it’s very important for every studio to have a cat!

(She took this picture of Mr. Bud critiquing some of her recent work.)

Shelley Nicholson


Shelley Nicholson


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