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My Houzz: Lush, Wooded Setting for a Live-Work Home

My Houzz: Lush, Wooded Setting for a Live-Work Home

Landscape at a Glance
Who lives here: 
Bette Hestle of Golden Hill Studio, her home-based glassware and decor business, and her cats, Mr. Miller and Claudette
Location: Great Valley, New York
Size: 100 acres, with an 1850s farmhouse of 3,008 square feet (279 square meters) 

The lush views of a green valley and rolling hills from a 100-acre property in Great Valley, New York, instantly stole Bette Hestle’s heart, despite the terrible condition of the existing home. The structure was in shambles with a lack of siding, missing windows and a leaky roof. Since buying the property in 1977, Hestle has fixed up the house and made the sprawling grounds into a postcard-like landscape.

Her first project was to make the house livable, replacing the roof and missing windows. Hestle then continued to work on both the inside and outside of the home itself. The original exterior had only one wall with siding, which was painted red. Hestle loved the red color so much that once she restored the exterior, she decided to paint the entire house a similar color.

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