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New Year's Cleanse

New Year's Cleanse

The new year is always a great time to start fresh. Whether you actually set resolutions, or just think about ways to improve your well-being, it’s almost like the calendar changing motivates us to put those plans into action.



For me, physical clutter has always been closely associated with mind clutter. If my living and/or working space is a mess, it’s almost difficult for me to think clearly. Likewise, if I take the time to clean and organize those spaces, I find that I become more focused and attentive.



So many of us were working from home this year, that I thought it would be great to discuss cleaning and organizing your home office or work space. If you’re like me, throughout the year, papers get piled up, things get stuck in drawers and they become forgotten as long as they are tucked away. But eventually I run out of room to hide things. Below is a list of the things I do to cleanse my clutter and my mind:

  • Delete old emails that are no longer needed.
  • I’ve become an almost daily sanitizer in terms of phone, keyboard, mouse etc. but if you don’t do this regularly, dust and/or sanitize your computer parts.

  • Go through file cabinets to prepare for taxes, and box up anything that I need to keep.
  • Shred and recycle any old documents

  • Take inventory and order needed office supplies (paper, ink, pens etc.)
  • Hang a new calendar

Best wishes for an organized 2021!

Shelley Nicholson

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