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Pumpkin Family Collection

Pumpkin Family Collection

Another month is upon us, the first full month of fall. And while, like many things this year, Halloween may not quite be the same, it is still cause to enjoy the festive look of the season.

I have sung the praises of my lead artist, Sarah, before in this blog. She is one of the most talented people I have ever known. She and I worked together on this design several years ago, not knowing if we really had a market for it, or not. But it was fun, and didn’t seem like “work” to either of us. I’m happy to say that since it’s introduction, the Pumpkin Family Collection has been very well received and a top seller for Golden Hill Studio.

While it’s specific to a single holiday or season, it is nevertheless, a pattern that can be used certainly throughout the entire month of October and even into November. Some fun ideas for our little pumpkin friends?

Whip up some tasty treats and serve in our cake dish, cheese dish, bowls or even the glasses!

Invite some friends over for a wine tasting or find some fun Halloween Cocktails like these and serve up a pitcher!

Give as a gift to that Halloween lover you know, or simply use to liven up your holiday décor.

Happy Fall and Happy Halloween everyone!
Shelley Nicholson

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