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Quirky Cats: An Update on Mr. Bud

Quirky Cats: An Update on Mr. Bud

If you saw my December 19th blog, you know that sweet little Mr. Bud came to live with me at Golden Hill Studio late last fall. Shortly after my introductory blog, in late December, Mr. Bud gave me quite a scare. He developed a rare illness and I thought I was going to lose him before I even got to know him. Thanks to the incredible veterinary hospital at Cornell University, he recovered and became a true part of our household.

A sassy little Siamese kitty, he quickly shared his exuberance with Claudette, my stately, elegant, somewhat older cat. She tolerated him, as cats do, and soon, they became fast friends.

If you’re a “cat person”, everything I’m saying is making perfect sense. If you’re not, or you’ve never had a cat, well then I understand it may seem a little strange.

Cats are complex creatures; in one sense they can seem so primal, “stalking and hunting” their toys, or if you live in an area where it’s safe for them to go outside, actual hunting of small prey (mice, chipmunks etc.). Domesticated cats, however, can be some of the sweetest, most loving animals to have in your home. Mr. Bud is a grand studio assistant, preferring to share screen time with me. He and Claudette help me open packages that arrive, and he perches on his tower so that he can see anyone and everyone that arrives.

They say that having pets relieves stress, provides companionship and may help you live longer; I don’t know if any of that is true, but I can’t imagine not having Mr. Bud and Claudette in my life!

Shelley Nicholson

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