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The thing about winter, for me, is that it leads to a lot of daydreaming…about warmer days, outside activities and travel. I love to travel, whether it’s a day trip to another region in this great state of New York, a cross-country week on the coast, or a full-fledged European vacation.

Life gets busy, expensive, and many of us don’t travel as much as we’d like to. The wonderful thing about travel, however, whether you’ve been to one place or one hundred, is that you always have those memories to look back on. If you’re like me, one or more of those travel experiences may have led you down a path you are still on today.

(Courtesy of Pixabay)


(Courtesy of Pixabay)


Years ago, I was fortunate enough to spend some extensive time in Europe and North Africa. The art, the architecture, the food, the culture, was all so awe-inspiring. The tiles of Alhambra are embedded in my memory and my Mosaic Collections were influenced not only by what I saw in Spain, but by the beautiful tiles of North Africa, as well.

(Golden Hill Studio's Barcelona Blue Floral Collection)


(Golden Hill Studio's Mosaic Garland Collection)


(Golden Hill Studio's Mosaic Carnival Collection)


If you ever have the opportunity to visit either of these regions, be sure to have your camera with you!

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