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Small Space Décor

Small Space Décor

Do you have a small space in your home that gets disregarded or overlooked because it doesn’t seem like there are ways to decorate it? For me, it was a bathroom off the kitchen in my otherwise large, rambling 1850’s farmhouse. For a home built in a time period where functionality was more important than interior decorating, this tiny room needed some love to make it user friendly and to incorporate the antique/farmhouse look of the rest of my home.

For me, installing a small window to let in natural light was the first step. Being able to look out into my yard created a sub-conscious sense of a larger space. For the same reason, I painted not only the walls, but also the floorboards a light neutral shade. While I don’t recall the actual paint color it was some form of beige, tan, cream etc.

An old-fashioned claw foot tub not only took up less space than a more modern one, but it helped to maintain the overall décor of the home. This lovely little tub is the only original fixture in the entire house. I had it re-enameled and then painted green to make it more interesting!  A small antique cabinet holds towels and toiletries while a simple gold-framed mirror and some smaller pictures adorn the walls.

While larger spaces, and certainly larger bathrooms, can add more convenience to your lifestyle, there’s nothing like the satisfaction of taking a small space that you may initially be unsure of, and turning into a charming extension of your home.

Shelley Nicholson

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