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Summer Antiquing

Summer Antiquing

Summer is one of the best times to nurture your antiquing obsession. Why? The number one reason is that those charming little antique stores that we all love so much, are very often in vacation areas. Quaint little coastal towns, lake resorts and popular camping spots are great places to find antique shops, but like many businesses in those areas, the seasonal nature means that they tend to do the majority of their business in the spring, summer and fall, either closing completely in the winter, or limiting their hours.

The agreeable weather of the late spring and summer is also conducive to antique shopping trips. If you make a larger purchase and have to haul it home, the ability to pack it into your own vehicle or have it shipped is just easier at this time of year. There’s little to no worry about weather related delays, and let’s face it…it’s easier to carry that antique rocker through a parking lot, or into your home, when you’re not trudging through a foot of snow!

Because business tends to pick up so drastically at this time of year, you’ll also find shop owners more willing to barter on certain items. They realize that this is their window to move inventory, and it tends to make many of them a little relaxed with their pricing.

The great thing about antiques is that there are so many genres and eras of items that the sky is really the limit. So hop in your convertible, put the top down and cruise those antique alleys. Better yet, rent a van…you never know what treasures you might find.

For ideas throughout the U.S. on the best cities for antiquing here’s a great list from Invaluable:

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