Summer To-Do List

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Summer To-Do List

Summer To-Do List

Have you checked everything off your summer “to-do” list? Warm weather and longer days only last so long, at least here in the northeast. There are a number of activities that really can only be done when it’s warm and dry. And somehow, this quarter of the calendar seems to go by faster than any other.

I’ve been lucky this year to have packed in some of my favorite things amongst the daily routine of running Golden Hill Studio. I’ve had houseguests stay with me for several weeks; dear friends from other states (California) and some from the far reaches of the world (Australia). I’ve managed a couple dips in my pool, and picnicked with friends and neighbors.

As the days get shorter and the leaves on the trees are hinting a little more yellow and a little less green, it’s gotten me to thinking about what else I can fit in before I feel that chill in the air.

Country Living has provided a list of things I consider to be “must-do’s”; how many can you check off your 2018 list?


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