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Touring the Dordogne

Touring the Dordogne

To say there is much to see in the Dordogne region of France is an understatement. The locale is full of ancient and even prehistoric history. Regardless of the area we chose each day, there was always something interesting to see.

In my opinion, the best examples of prehistoric art were to be found in Rouffignac Cavern. Here we were able to take a tour riding a small open rail cart that carried us fairly deep into the cave. Titled, “Art in the Days of the Mammoth”, we viewed exquisite drawings along the cave walls. In addition, we could see the claw marks along the stone, left from the now-extinct Cave Bear. It was truly fascinating to imagine life in those caves, hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Another highlight of the Dordogne is the Medieval Fortress of Beynac. The fortress sits high on a cliff overlooking the town, and the castle was once home to King Richard the Lion Hearted. To consider that you are retracing the footsteps of such an historic figure leaves you a bit mind-boggled and in awe of times past.

The Dordogne is also home to the caves of the Troglodytiques. Typically built into the cliffs, these “homes” housed the cave dwellers of ancient times.

Whether in the valley looking up at the hills, or standing on top of one of the cliffs looking down into the villages; East, West, North or South, you will bear witness to incredible history and breathtaking beauty of the Dordogne!

Shelley Nicholson

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