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Useful, Versatile, Beautiful

Useful, Versatile, Beautiful

We spend a lot of time in our blog, our newsletter, and on social media, talking about the obvious uses of our products. Wine glasses for wine, cake dishes for cake and  champagne flutes for the bubbly. And we are happy to be able to offer so many glass collections and home décor options. Most of our products are made in the United States and other than our hand-blown Egyptian glassware, ALL of our glassware collections are hand-painted right here in our studio on Golden Hill, tucked away in the beautiful hills of western New York. 



I love to hear and see the unique and creative ways that our customers use our glassware and other products. For example, did you know that our cutting boards can be used for just that…a cutting board, but they also double as a cheese tray for your charcuterie display. 



Many of our bowls, trays and platters can be used to literally serve anything from “soup to nuts.” 



Use our water pitchers or wine carafe’s as a flower vase. 



Ice cream in a cosmo glass? Why not! 



Whether you use our Martini Glass to have your cocktail “shaken, not stirred.” Or just to display the pretty pebbles you found at the beach…we don’t care. We just hope that you get as much enjoyment from our products as we do in designing and creating them! 

For all our glassware and home décor products visit!

Shelley Nicholson

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