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3-Season Perennial Gardens

3-Season Perennial Gardens

Here in the northeast, “winter flowers” are either a flowering potted plant in your house or cut flowers you buy at the market. But that’s ok because we are lucky to be able to grow a number of varieties of beautiful perennials from spring through fall. While annuals can be just as pretty and it’s fun to pick out different flowers, let’s face it…they are more work than perennials. Creating a perennial garden, or placing certain perennials in areas around your yard, ensure that you’ll have color and beauty surrounding your home each and every year. Below are some popular and easy-to-grow perennials for each season.


Azalea - Shades of pink, purple, orange, red, white and more, you could fill an entire garden with just Azaleas. These plants do need pruning after they’ve flowered. 


Bleeding Heart - Bursting with tiny drooping “heart” shaped flowers, these small bushes can fill in quite nicely. While the flowers don’t last a long time, they are a welcome sight as one of the first bloomers after a long winter. 


Hellebores - Although these can be a little more expensive than some other varieties, once established, these lovely flowers that come in multiple hues, will last for decades.


Peonies - One of my personal favorites, Peonies are early bloomers. I’ve noticed my white ones come out about a week before my pinks.



Butterfly Bush - If you are looking for something tall to fill a large space, look no further than the Butterfly Bush. Growing up 6-8 feet, it has a sweet scent and purple flower. And yes, they do attract butterflies!



Coneflower (or Echinacea) - A hearty daisy-like flower that blooms for several months. The pink petals and large yellow centers are a big attraction for bees.


Garden Phlox - Not to be confused with ground phlox that bloom in the spring, these tall flowers have a scent that can only be called divine. In hues of pink, purple, white and variegated, they are a must-have in my opinion.



Autumn Joy (Stonecrop) - Not blooming usually until August, this pretty flower can take you right into November with the right weather conditions. Fun fact, the flowers change color from a pink to a deep copper, once the weather gets cooler. 


Mums (Chrysanthemums) - One of the most popular fall flowers often we see them potted on peoples’ front steps. But put these beauties in the ground and they will reappear each year. Your color choice is endless with pinks, purples, whites, yellows, oranges, and reds.


Japanese Anemone - Requiring very little care, these pretty white and yellow flowers will bloom until the first frost. These dainty flowers also attract butterflies.


If you’ve got a perennial garden in mind, research what you might like and what’s best for your location. For more information check out The Spruce.

Shelley Nicholson

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