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Postcards: Keeping Traditions Alive

Postcards: Keeping Traditions Alive

We’re in the heart of summer, one of my favorite times of year. We are seeing improvements in managing the pandemic and our world is excitedly, if cautiously, opening up for more “normal” activities. Many of us have been itching to travel, but were not willing to take the risk over the last year and a half. With the COVID vaccine now widely available, the idea of summer vacation is much more realistic.

Maybe you feel comfortable enough to hop on a plane and head to the opposite coast. Or maybe a road trip to your favorite national park, lake or beach is what you had in mind. Wherever you are headed you’ll want to document your trip.



Now, I’ve embraced technology and social media at least as well as the average person. Being able to share photos and videos of your adventures on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok is fun and creates instant gratification for your family and friends back home. But there is just something about the age-old tradition of sending a postcard (or collecting them for your own scrapbook) that I can’t, or won’t let go of.


Decades ago, sending a postcard was the only way to share a photo of the area you were visiting with loved ones who weren’t on the trip. Perhaps your grandparents were no longer able to travel, or your best friend had to work all summer. You’d send a postcard to share what you were experiencing and let them know you missed them. Before the days of digital photography, I was never quite sure what my pictures would look like until I got home and had them developed, so buying a postcard with a picture of a beautiful coast line or the statue of liberty or the grand canyon, assured me I’d have that memory in pictures for my own keepsake.


I’d have to assume postcard sales are probably down these days. But if you’re headed out somewhere new, or you want to carry on this tradition, stop by the souvenir shop when you reach your destination, jot down a few lines and drop those postcards in the mail to family and friends!

Shelley Nicholson

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