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A Fresh New Perspective

A Fresh New Perspective

I’m so excited as I write this, that a recent business goal of mine has been accomplished. It was pre-Covid, March of 2019 to be exact, the last time I had any of my products professionally photographed. Never, at the time, did I think it would be almost 3 1/2 years before I’d be able to have that opportunity again.

All my sales are done online, through our own website ordering system, as well as through numerous other collaborators like Amazon Marketplace and Pier One. Having good images to market, especially our glassware, is crucial when a customer is unable to touch or feel the product prior to their purchase.  

But it’s no simple feat to put all the puzzle pieces together for a 2-day shoot at my farmhouse in western New York. But we did it! First, my team here at Golden Hill Studio did enormous amounts of work to prepare. We were using locations both in my home and at various areas of my property for the shoots, so they all had to look pristine.


Aldyn worked his tail off with yard work in the weeks leading up to the shoot. My warehouse manager, Sharon, got all our inventory ready so that Aldyn could bring it to the different locations we were using. Sarah, my lead painter, made sure that anything we did not have in stock, was painted and ready for photographing. 

After a 7 hour drive from Massachusetts, my photographer and my social media manager arrived the evening before Day 1 of our shoot. We went over ideas and options and got an early start the next morning. Throughout the two days, we all ran around (literally running sometimes) dealing with shifting daylight, dodging some stray rain showers and somehow, even though it was work, we had a blast being immersed in all the creativity. 



At press time, the images are still being edited, but I can’t wait until we can begin to use them in our social media posts, blogs and newsletters. For now, I’ve got some behind the scenes that give a hint of our busy, crazy, super fun photo shoot! 

Shelley Nicholson

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