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Eat Outside Day (August 31st)

Eat Outside Day (August 31st)

August 31st is “Eat Outside Day” which happens to be one of my favorite things to do in the warmer months. Interestingly, while al fresco dining has always been my first choice, the pandemic has lead to a whole lot more of it. 

Early on scientists discovered that the COVID-19 virus didn’t seem to spread as easily or as rapidly as it does in enclosed spaces. As restaurants slowly charted their return to business, for many of them it meant offering dining only in their existing outdoor dining areas, or, for those who didn’t have outdoor spaces before, they were forced to get creative and try to create outdoor dining areas. 


While everyone has approached their return to public places in their own time and way, for me, outdoor dining felt like a safer way to slowly begin to get together with family and friends after the winter months of being isolated at home. 

In addition, patio, porch and deck dining at home became more popular as families wanted to get together, but may not have felt comfortable having everyone gather inside. People got creative with picnics and barbecues in their back yards and I’m quite certain outdoor fire pits became a best seller! 



As we are learning to live with the virus, and more and more people are beginning to feel comfortable indoors, I still say we celebrate “Eat Outside Day” with cocktails on a veranda, sandwiches at the beach, or a gourmet meal at a favorite restaurant with outdoor seating!


Shelley Nicholson

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