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"April Showers Bring May Flowers"

"April Showers Bring May Flowers"

Spring is finally here and we can legitimately begin to think about buds and blooms and spring gardening. This saying, comes from the fact that typically, at least in our locale, April tends to bring a lot of rain, but the payoff is always a May filled with beautiful flowers, and flowering shrubs and trees. 

If you’ve been gardening for any length of time, you’re probably pretty well aware of what types of seeds and bulbs do well in a cooler spring climate like ours. But if not, we’ve got some guidelines and suggestions for you. 

The most common spring flowers (sometimes even popping up in March) are Daffodils, Tulips and Crocuses. Because they are perennials (plants that will bloom for at least 2 years or more) they are some of the easiest, yet prettiest of the spring flowers. Whether you want a pop of color at your doorstep, or an entire hillside filled with sunshine, these low-maintenance flowers will bring you years of enjoyment. 



Another perennial is the popular Peony. Usually blooming in mid- to late May, the Peony comes in shades of white, soft pink or a richer dark pink. Peonies also don’t need much help from us. An added benefit is the incredible aroma these big blossoms provide. 



When it comes to my flower boxes, I generally start with Pansies. Available in multiple hues and variegated varieties, Pansies might look delicate, but they are a hearty annual that can withstand a late frost or two. I generally plant mine in mid-April and these delightful little flowers will continuously bloom well into June, when they start to get “leggy”. 



If you’re looking for more of a flowering shrub or tree, consider Azaleas, Lilacs, Magnolias or Rhododendron. These May - June flowering shrubs/trees can last a lifetime in your landscaping. 



So when you see those dull gray raindrops outside your window this spring, just remember the beauty these April Showers will provide! 

Shelley Nicholson

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