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Bunny and Tulips Collection

Bunny and Tulips Collection

Continuing our series regarding our hand-painted glassware collections, I figured this is the perfect time of year to highlight our Bunny and Tulips Collection.


Seasonal collections are among my favorites as they coincide with the changing climates and the celebrations that the calendar brings. The Bunny and Tulips Collection was born from the whimsey I remember as a child during Easter. The anticipation of the Easter Bunny visiting overnight to leave us sweets and the sheer joy of searching for Easter eggs in the morning is one of those magical childhood memories that stays with you forever. The fact that it coincides with the return of Spring just adds to the delight. 



I wanted to create a design that captures the hope and joy of Easter, but could also be used throughout the Spring season. Tulips are among the first flowers to bloom in the Spring and while the bunny is an icon of Easter, Spring is also the time you’ll begin to see the little cottontails nosing around your garden! 



So whether you celebrate with a big Easter dinner, or just want to share the joys of saying goodbye to a long winter, enjoy your feast with our Bunny and Tulips Collection!

Shelley Nicholson

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