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Barcelona Blue Collection

Barcelona Blue Collection

As you may have perceived, our Barcelona Blue Glassware takes its name from that fabulous city on the northeast coast of Spain. An import/export, cultural and tourist hub, there is a lot going on in Barcelona. It is a major economic center, as well as the site of numerous international sporting events and the second largest city in Spain. One of our original designs, I wanted to capture the hustle, bustle and beauty of the city in our glassware.

As with many European cities, Barcelona is a hot spot for history, architecture and art, boasting numerous museums. And, as is often the case, my visit years ago planted the seeds of inspiration for one of our best-selling designs. The blue of the Mediterranean Sea provides the primary color with shades of yellows, greens, oranges and reds representing the flowers, the art, the fabrics and more from the infamous open-air markets of Barcelona.

We offer a full line of products within this collection ranging from wine, champagne, margarita, martini and Cosmo glasses, to salad bowls and cheese and cake dishes.

The versatility of the design and colors make it a great option for formal indoor dinner parties, as well as casual al fresco dining. To see more of our Barcelona Blue collection, click here and enjoy!

Shelley Nicholson

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