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Reopening and Revisiting

Reopening and Revisiting

Living in western New York State, we have now seen many months of closures for our local restaurants and businesses. While we have grown accustomed to Zoom meetings and porch parties now that the weather is better, we are also excited and cautiously optimistic about many of those local businesses beginning to re-open.

As I write this, we are in Phase 3 of New York’s reopening plan, which allows restaurants not only to offer outdoor and take-out dining, but to open up their inside dining at a 50% capacity. Many retail businesses have re-opened as well, with guidelines that include wearing face coverings while in the building and limiting the total amount of people allowed into a business at any given time.

While we are probably all a little stir-crazy from months of confinement, I am happy that we are seeing a slow recovery for so many local businesses that have had to deal with unprecedented losses in income. Likewise, however, I’m happy that we, as a united people, seem to be banding together to re-open at a safe and thoughtful pace.

I have “dipped my toes in the water” so-to-speak, by venturing out to some of the nearby markets and antique shops. And I look forward to meeting a few friends soon for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. And I encourage you all to safely and responsibly buy local whenever possible. As small, entrepreneurial clothing stores, gift shops, café’s and restaurants, they need your patronage now more than ever!

Shelley Nicholson

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