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Black Friday

Black Friday

Today, we think of Black Friday as the first official day of the holiday shopping season. Supposedly heavily discounted electronics, clothing and the latest toy trends are scooped up by early morning (or even midnight Thanksgiving night) shoppers in an effort to get those hard-to-find items at the lowest prices.

Of course, we now have Cyber Monday (the online shopping version of Black Friday) and in many cases retailers begin Black Friday long before the day after Thanksgiving and extend it well into December. Call it economics, supply & demand, or just continuous efforts to sell products in a highly competitive marketplace, but it got me wondering if there was anything more to the term “Black Friday.”

Multiple sources mentioned a stock market crash on September 24, 1869 that was referred to as Black Friday, but I found the most thorough explanation here:

It has to do with gold and commodities and is a rather interesting read.

In 1966 the Philadelphia Police Department used the term to describe the crowds and traffic jams created by the day after Thanksgiving shopping. More recently, retailers have begun to consider Black Friday sales figures part of make-or-break quarterly, or even annual, profits or losses.

I do hope you take time to enjoy your Thanksgiving with family and friends and also enjoy the Black Friday sales that are offered. Golden Hill Studio will jump on the Black Friday band-wagon and offer the following store-wide discounts be beginning Wednesday, November 21st through Friday, November 23rd. 

~ Spend up to $50, receive 10% off 

~ Spend up to $100, receive 12.5% off

~ Spend over $100, receive 15% off

~ 40% all blown-glass stemware

For all products please visit our website:

Shelley Nicholson

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