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It's Time!

It's Time!

As much as I dread the cold, dark winters of the northeast, I adore the holidays that come with it just as much. In fact, I think the holiday season just about makes up for the snow, the wind and the ice we have to deal with!

Thanksgiving always sneaks up on me, comes and goes in a blur and while I was lucky enough to spend time with family and friends in my home state of Tennessee this year, I find myself taking a quick breath as I delve into my holiday decorating. A peak at the calendar tells me I have 4 weeks to enjoy the scents (balsam is my favorite) and scenes of Christmas!

There is nothing more relaxing to me on a chilly day, than to play some Christmas Carols, make a nice hot cup of tea (or coffee or cocoa), get out the decorations and see what winter wonderlands I can create in my home. Whether you try something totally new this year (pink Christmas tree anyone?) or stick with years-long traditions, take time to enjoy the season and all that comes with it!

Happy Holidays!

Shelley Nicholson


Shelley Nicholson

Love Love Love!!!

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