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Bon Voyage!

Bon Voyage!

It’s a new month, almost a new season, and for me that means I am counting the days until a very special trip I’m taking. I will reach a milestone birthday this October and to celebrate I am taking a girls trip to France with two of my dearest friends. One of my oldest friends lives nearby and she and I will make the flight to Paris together. My other friend lives in Australia and we had the opportunity to go hiking in Peru together several years ago. She will meet us in the City of Lights for another adventure!

My favorite place to go in Paris is Montmartre, and we will be sure to make a visit there. The streets and alleys that surround the grand Sacré Coeur are home to numerous artists, painters and musicians and the area is just alive with culture.

It will be sad to witness the destruction caused by the fire at Notre Dame, but I am lucky enough to have seen it in all it’s regal beauty prior to the tragic event, and will actually stay near there as it’s such a wonderful part of the city.


Beyond Paris, we will travel to the Dordogne, an area between the Loire Valley and the Pyrenees in the southwest portion of France. None of us have traveled to the Dordogne before and we are so excited to explore the historic area known for its caves housing prehistoric paintings, as well as its castles and limestone cliffs. We also plan to get in some kayaking on the Dordogne River.

If you get the chance to go, I recommend traveling by car. While the train may seem like the easier choice, it is well worth the intimate view you will have of the stunning landscape of France to rent your own vehicle. I like to stay in the countryside as much as possible and typically rent a self-catering farmhouse or villa. The independence provided by renting a car and staying in a small home allows for lots of exploration and unique experiences.

Stay tuned, as I will share some of those future experiences with you upon my return!

Shelley Nicholson


Shelley Nicholson

Can not wait to get back to France , it is truly one of my favourite countries .

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