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Mums the Word

Mums the Word

If you’re anything like me, the lovely Chrysanthemum is your go-to fall flower. I love to adorn my porch with the rusty reds, bright oranges and lovely yellow mums. In my gardens I typically mix in some white and purple with my late summer roses as well. But as I drive through the countryside envying other homes and gardens, I’m always reminded of the abundance of options when it comes to fall flowers.

If you’re loyal to the mum, but looking to mix it up a little this fall, consider some of alternatives.


These bright, happy flowers embody sunshine, and bloom from August through October. They come in a variety of sizes and depending on the height, can be planted in pots for your porch or cut with corn stalks to tie to posts for that real fall feel.


Ok, maybe some consider it a weed, and certainly if you’re allergic, you might want to stay away, but Goldenrod has a rich, deep yellow hue that will brighten up any doorstep!

Autumn Joy

Because of its name, this plant doesn’t need much introduction. As a bonus, it’s a perennial, so you can actually plant this one along walkways and enjoy every year. In late summer you’ll see a light pink flower bloom, as you head into fall it turns to a deep red and even looks good after a frost when it takes on a rust color.


Not all lilies are hardy enough to handle the cool nights of fall, but some varieties are late bloomers and last at least until the first frost. If you’re looking for some unique varieties consider the “Naked Lady”, a purplish, pink variety, or the “Toad Lily”, with a spotted flower.

Shelley Nicholson

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