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Bonkers About Bowls

Bonkers About Bowls

Sometimes you realize an obsession when it’s too late. Mine is bowls. Ceramic, pottery and glass bowls. Large and small bowls. Subtle and busy bowls. Bowls to hold fruit and vegetables and pinecones and potpourri. And because it’s too late to go back to a bowl-less life, I’ve embraced it. Not only are there bowls in cupboards, on tables and hutches in my house, but also bowls have become a mainstay in my product line.

Almost all of our glassware collections include hand-painted bowls. And many times, other products such as our Cosmo or Margarita glasses can second as mini bowls for berries or grapes. Turn our cake dome upside down, and voila…Punch Bowl!

Whether you’re a practical, one-bowl-fits-all kind of person, or you trend more towards my habits, bowls can be a unique way to serve your guests or display your treasures, and I for one, can never have enough bowls! To see more of our hand-painted glass bowls, head on over to our website,

Shelley Nicholson

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