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Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Spaces

Ask anyone, across the country or around the world, and I think many people will say they enjoy spending time outdoors. Here in the northeast, I think we relish it just a little more, since our warmer seasons are relatively short.

Whether it’s sunny days spent by a pool, or cool evenings watching fireflies on a porch swing, there’s just something about having a comfortable outdoor space to relax in, in the spring, summer and fall.

Whether you have the financial means to create an elaborate pool house and patio, or just add a small porch to your log cabin in the country, having an outdoor space to enjoy feeds the soul. To me, it’s like having an extra room in the warmer months and a little mini vacation from the rest of your home.

Plant some flowers for added color or just let nature provide your view.

Put a roof on your space and screen it in if you wish to stay out of harsh daylight sun, and keep the bugs out. Otherwise, invest in some sunscreen and citronella. Whatever space you create, enjoy the great outdoors!


Shelley Nicholson

I just love seeing the beauty of “Betteland” Makes me want to visit there soon. Hope all is well with you…so nice to have met you and have you here at my home….doesn’t compete with Bette’s! She is a force, love her dearly💕

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