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Cat-astrophes at Christmas

Cat-astrophes at Christmas

If you follow us here at Golden Hill Studio, you know I’m a Crazy Cat Lady. But honestly, I’m not really crazy. I’m just crazy about cats. Cats sometimes get a bad rap. They have been portrayed as aloof, unfriendly and even downright mean. But if you are blessed to spend time with most cats, you will learn the truth. They are friendly, cuddly, sweet natured….and full of mischief! 

This time of year is particularly tempting for cats as we humans take our usually normal households, and turn them into giant kitty playgrounds. If you have cats you know what I’m talking about. All I have to say is tree, ornaments, wrapping paper, shipping containers, ribbons and bows…and you know what I’m getting at.



It can be frustrating when you’re trying to wrap gifts, and your cat uses the wrapping paper as a slip ’n slide. Or when you’re baking, and you turn your back for just a moment, only to turn around and see tiny paw prints making impressions in your pie crust. Or the perfect Christmas Tree you worked so hard to decorate, with it’s festive decorations and twinkling star, is toppled over onto the floor.



You have two choices here folks. You can get angry (and if you do, I’d consider finding another home for your kitty). Or you can revel in the pure joy your cats are experiencing. And then pick everything up and start over. And understand that these scenes will repeat themselves until you pack up your holiday home for next year.

This Christmas, I invite you to think like a cat, and find pure joy in this holiday season!



Merry Christmas!

Shelley Nicholson

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