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Pets are "People" Too

Pets are "People" Too

If you’re a pet lover and/or a pet parent, then the holidays are a great time to remember your fur babies with something special. It may sound silly, but for as long as I remember, our cats and dogs always received a special gift for Christmas. It might be special treats they aren’t usually allowed to have, or a new toy to help them pass the time. Either way, it was always wrapped and always presented with our family gifts on Christmas morning.



I can’t help but think about how wonderful it’s been, especially this year, to have my cats around to keep me company. In a year where we’ve had to limit social interactions due to the pandemic, the unconditional love that is always waiting for me at home has been more important than ever.


So this year, even though they knock the decorations off the tree. Even though they will insist on playing with the wrapping paper and chewing on the bows while I’m trying to wrap gifts. Even though they will jump onto the counter to lick the cream I’m supposed to be baking with…I will be thankful for their presence and reward them with their own special presents.


And don’t forget, you can share our special Warm Paws wine & martini glasses with the pet lovers in your life!


Meowy Christmas!

Shelley Nicholson

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