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Celebration Streamers Collection

Celebration Streamers Collection

Many of our glassware collections are designed with a specific theme and/or season in mind. For example our Napa Grapes ’n Vines collection celebrates the richness of the vineyards; our Barcelona Blue collection is a tribute to the beautiful mosaics of Spain; and Springtime in Paris…well the name says it all. So, when we designed our Celebration Streamers glassware, it was with intent that we created a cheerful, fun piece of artwork, that also has the ability to be used on numerous occasions. 

It is timely that we are celebrating the New Year this week, and this collection is a perfect way to ring in all the hopes and desires for 2022! 



This exquisite design is often purchased for wedding gifts, as well as wedding and anniversary receptions. It’s also great for special, landmark birthdays, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July or honestly, just your typical cozy-up-and-watch-a-movie Friday.



If someone in your life is partial to Peonies, Poppies or Flamingos, we have the glassware for you. But if you know someone, or you yourself are looking for the glassware you can party with all year long, Golden Hill’s Celebration Streamers are the perfect gift!



For more of this bright and lighthearted design, click here. 

Happy New Year!

Shelley Nicholson

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