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Christmas On The Hill

Christmas On The Hill

It’s a lovely time of year at Golden Hill Studio. I truly enjoy the changing seasons, both winter and the holidays! It’s been so fun to hunker down inside this old farmhouse that I call home, and use my creative energy to decorate the house/studio.

With chilly days, and early nightfall, it’s the perfect time of year for candles and a cozy fire in the fireplace. The flickering light casts such a warm glow on the garlands and bows, decorations and ornaments. For me, it’s the perfect setting to bring on the holiday spirit.

Where ever you find yourself this week, take time to enjoy the festivities, the traditions, time with loved ones, and if you’re at your own home, enjoy the holiday environment you’ve created for you and your family!

Happy Holidays!

Shelley Nicholson

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